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Can Somebody Stop This Coffin?

Can Somebody Stop This Coffin?


Josh Perkins is stuck for an idea for his latest horror novel.  For inspiration, he rent an old cabin deep in the woods - so far so good.  Then he starts hearing ghost stories about the place,   Then he starts imagining things and noises all around him.  Then this coffin shows up.  COFFIN?!  From out of nowhere it seems a full sized coffin seems to materialize from out of thin air.  Next thing he knows he finds himself in Transylvania and dealing with nutty villagers, vampire stalkers and - yes - the chief vampire in person, Countess Dracula.  "CounTESS Dracula?" he asks.  "I didn't know he got married!"  And the Countess comes complete with a cape, fangs, pigtails and a lisp. "You will not shurvive thish night!" she threatens in a somewhat less than menacing way.  Throw in a long suffering wife, a hillbilly handyman and a pushy reporter and things REALLY get confused.  Especially when the owner of the cabin shows up to tell of the 'Sister Ghost', a wandering spirit who is looking for her long, lost brother.  And who most looks like him?  Who else - Josh!  And when she shows up it's every man for himself!  Brought to you from the same author of "A Run for Your Money" this fast-paced comedy will keep your audience laughing at the same time as they're trying to figure out just who is really who.  And just why does that coffin keep appearing and then disappearing?  It's enough to make anyone yell, "Can Somebody Stop This Coffin?"


Published by Contemporary Drama Service, it calls for a cast of 16, 4 men and 12 women.

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